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The divorce process is a personal and it can affect you and your family dramatically. As you go through this process, it is important to be represented by an attorney who will take time to become familiar with your situation. Working with a lawyer(s) who has a proven track record will ensure that your best interests are kept.

At Kipnis & Kahn LTD., we offer our clients the best legal services and we are committed to providing quality legal counsel. For over 45 years, we have represented a wide range of family law matters.

Divorce And Separation

Illinois is a no-fault state for divorce, meaning that divorcing couples can cite irreconcilable differences. The state no longer uses other grounds such as mental cruelty or adultery. A couple must be separated for 2 years, unless both parties agree to waive the 2 year separation. If so, then a couple must be separated for 6 months.

Divorce In Illinois

The 1st step in the divorce process depends on several factors. When significant assets are involved, the property division process can be much more complex. We help our clients with all divorce related matters:

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities — In an effort to ease tension between parents after divorce, Illinois has eliminated the term child custody. Now, in addition to parenting time, parents will allocate individual parental responsibilities between them, such as decisions about education, medical care & etc.
Child support — It is important to make sure all of a child’s needs are addressed when determining support, including expenses for medical costs, school, food, clothes and education.
Maintenance & Alimony — There are guidelines for determining spousal maintenance. In addition, one spouse may be able to obtain temporary support while the case is ongoing.
Property division — We are experienced at handling complex and significant asset division such as:
Preserving stock options & trusts
Protecting pension plans
Handling business interests & appraisals
Handling real estate investment property and vacation homes
Uncovering hidden assets

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