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Whenever you ride in a car driven by another, you place your safety in the hands of those behind the wheel and expect them to make the best and safest decisions. When seated as a passenger in a vehicle, you also subject yourself to the decisions of any other drivers sharing the road. Unfortunately, rideshare cars like Uber, Lyft and others are often seen weaving between traffic lanes, attempting unsafe turns on busy streets and failing to use their turn signals.

Kipnis & Kahn LTD. represents passengers and motorists in auto accidents involving Uber, Lyft and other rideshare vehicles. Contact our law firm now to arrange for a free case evaluation of your Chicagoland Rideshare accident case. As with all of our accident cases, there is never a legal fee charged unless we are successful in obtaining a financial recovery on your behalf.

Explosive Growth of Uber Ride-Share Program

Uber is a rideshare car program where drivers are paid for transporting passengers at reduced fares. The Uber Company shares their profits with the driver who have signed an agreement to operate the vehicle within the state’s laws. The pay received by the quasi-professional drivers are calculated by distance. However, the amount of their total payment for the day is based on the number of rides they can complete in the shortest amount of time. As a result, many Uber passengers are the victims of accidents caused by the speeding or reckless rideshare drivers.

When a fare-paying passenger hires Uber or other rideshare service, a taxi, limousine or bus, they have an expectation of safety while being transported by the professional driver. Sadly, every year many Uber and other rideshare passengers are injured as a result of the rideshare driver being being distracted. This can be due to talking with the passenger, using a navigation system, talking on a mobile phone, texting or other distraction. Another potential cause of a rideshare accident is that since the inception of rideshare programs, Uber, Sidecar, Lyft and other competitors have hired drivers without providing them the proper training and instruction to safely transport passengers.

Cases against rideshare companies often present unique legal and factual challenges As a result, many passengers injured in a rideshare accident have had to hire an attorney. Kipnis & Kahn Ltd. is available to be your attorney in Chicago, Joliet and surrounding areas and is well positioned to protect your rights and assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.

Determining Liability in a Chicago Auto Accident With an Uber-Driven Vehicle

Insurance companies providing coverage for common carriers rarely willingly pay huge amounts for bodily injury claims. Many Uber accident cases involve a complex payout system where the driver’s personal insurance pays a part of the claim (sometimes with a max payout of $20,000), and Uber or other rideshare insurance contributes any additional money to reasonably compensate the injured passenger. Trying to coordinate between the different insurance companies and coverages provided is a complex, time consuming and technical exercise. Typically, the only way to obtain adequate compensation for the injuries and damages endured by an injured passenger is through skilled legal representation. Kipnis & Kahn, Ltd is available in Chicago & Joliet, IL and surrounding areas to be your rideshare and Uber accident attorney.

Recovering Compensation for Injuries Related to the Negligence of an Uber Driver– Or Others

Attempting to recover compensation when involved in an Illinois Uber accident often requires the skills of an experienced attorney to establish damages and prove liability. In many incidences, the accident case will be similar to other types of vehicle collisions. However, because the case involves a common carrier, very complex legal factors are in play. A skilled attorney will need to prove liability by establishing:

Even though the Uber driver is an independent contractor, a claim can be made against the Uber company as a third party that is also responsible for the accident
The insurance coverage for the on-demand car service is also applicable to passengers
The victim suffered serious injury caused by the negligent action of the driver and/or others on the roadway
Investigating and prosecuting an uninsured or underinsured motorist case.

Hiring a Chicago Car Accident Attorney With Experience Prosecuting Ride Share Accidents

Are you suffering significant injuries in a Chicago Uber accident? Were you a passenger in a rideshare service hired vehicle or suffer injuries after being hit by an Uber car? If so, it is essential to seek out the skills of a reputable personal injury attorney.

Kipnis & Kahn LTD. can aggressively fight Uber and your rideshare driver to ensure that you receive each dollar you deserve. We offer years of trial and negotiation experience and have a comprehensive understanding of complex Illinois tort law. We serve as your advocate when negotiating an out-of-court settlement or taking the case to trial. We ensure that your rights are protected when seeking financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, damages, pain and suffering.

Call Kipnis & Kahn LTD. today to schedule a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your case. We accept cases on a contingency fee, meaning that there is no attorney fee unless and until we successfully obtain financial compensation on your behalf. To better serve our clients, we have offices in Chicago & Joliet, IL., but represent satisfied clients throughout the Chicagoland area.

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