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All married couples deal with the same issues that lead to the breakdown of a relationship. This could include financial difficulties, abuse, addiction or simply growing apart over time. Whatever your situation, you will find knowledgeable and experienced attorneys you deserve to work with when you visit Kipnis & Kahn LTD. Together we can help you secure the best possible outcome for issues involving:

Division of marital property
Child custody, support & visitation
Spousal support & maintenance (formerly known as alimony)
Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements
Orders for protection or defending against domestic abuse allegations

The Divorce Process

Property settlement for a same-sex couple can be somewhat difficult when the two people have lived together for a long time prior to their legal marriage. It gets more difficult to divide assets if two people have been in a committed relationship for years. For most cases, property is divided into marital and non-marital assets, however if a same-sex couple has been living together for years, many of those during which they could not marry, then identifying marital and non-marital property may be much more difficult. In most cases, only property acquired on or after the date of legal marriage may be considered marital property, even if the same-sex couple has been together for many years.

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